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Illini Boxing

Illini Boxing


February 12, 2017

Hello everyone! The first practices of the Spring Semester have began! Similar to the past semesters the schedule is: Tuesdays, Thursdays: 5-7p and Sundays 1-3p. We’ve also updated all the relevant information on the website in case you were looking for it. As always all our practices take place at Gym 3 of the ARC.

This semester seems to be a busy one in terms of bouts. We’ve already attended one event in January up in Michigan and from the way things look, we are looking at at least two more before the 2017 Nationals!

We will start collecting dues from the next practice and they are due by the 28th of February, so please plan accordingly!

A (classic by now) note for the newcomers: If this is your first day don’t worry about bringing with any boxing equipment, just wear comfortable gym clothes and shoes.

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