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August 15, 2015

As another academic year is starting at UIUC, we here at the Illini Boxing Club are already working hard to plan ahead for it. Fall 2015 will be our first semester as a club sport and we are very excited about it!

One of the main things you might have noticed is that practices this year will be taking place in Gym 3 and in the Combat Room, so if you haven’t already, please note this semester’s practice schedule.

Moreover, this year we made an effort to structure the organization of the club better. We finished the club’s constitution, with all the by-laws and rules by which the club will be governed: as you may have seen in our facebook group or here on the website, the club is governed by an executive board that consists of the president, the vice-president, the treasurer and the director of social relations as well as a collection of officers. After this summers (attempt at) elections for the coming year, the positions have been filled by the only people that were nominated, you can find the results here. More about the election procedures and responsibilities will be covered in the first practices.

So, what should you expect this year from IBC? If you are a returning member, expect practices to be more intense, better organized and more competitive. This year, same as the previous one, we are aiming at the USIBA Nationals to be our highlight event at the end of the academic year (early April). Depending on availability and time we also plan to attend a few more events throughout the year as well. That means that we are going to need a strong dedicated team, ready as soon as possible, that will be training hard with that goal in mind. More information on the team will be announced at a future date, stay tuned.

If you are a new member, you can expect to get into a friendly setting where you can learn the fundamentals of boxing, get in shape and be competitive among a large group of friendly and welcoming people.

A few more weeks to go U of I. Get ready!

The Illini Boxing Club